Top 3 Facebook Business Page Features To Try Today

By Nadia Hearn – respected as one of South Africa’s best brand coaches, founder of Get Published and radio host of 2oceansvibe Radio’s PR & marketing small business talk show #onTheFLIPSIDE

October 2017 - Do you remember the days when your biggest worry when using Facebook for business was to make sure you sent out error-free posts? Now the game has changed dramatically, and new features like Facebook shop pops up almost weekly. Here are three easy Facebook business page features that you can try today.

A great way to enjoy a better following, and for your brand to show some love towards other brands on Facebook, is to also like their pages - from your personal page. Did you know that you can also like other brands’ pages as your business page? Indeed!

Like a page as your business page or brand

This is a nifty feature from Facebook that allows you as a marketer to support your favourite brands from your own business page. For you to like another brand pages from your business page, simply search for the page you want to “like”. Once you found the page, click on the page and go to their timeline. You then click the small gear icon and select “Like As Your Page”.

Now go customise the look of your Facebook Business Page

Yes! This is cool. Facebook has also recently rolled out a new feature that allows businesses to customise the look of their pages based on their business type. This is a great option for businesses looking to rearrange their page to match their style and so they can put the most important content first. You can access this feature by going to “Settings” under your business page and on the left, there’s an option to “Edit Page”. You’ll then see a new “Template” option you can edit. Wa la!

The hidden audience insights

According to me, this is one of the favourite hidden Facebook marketing features! Also, especially with the frequency of paid advertising, is Audience Insights. Facebook’s Audience Insights provides detailed information about your target audience so that you can create more relevant content.

The more relevant content that you deliver, the further your Facebook advertising Rand will go. It’s also an amazing tool to create interesting and engaging statistical graphics about the global Facebook audience or your specific page’s demographic information. You can use this data to create a fun creative infographic for your blog and various social media channels. Truly, the opportunities are endless.

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